Justin Beiber Talks About Ex-Girlfriend Inspired Songs

This is apparently "Beiber Week" – and what better way to kick if off than to watch Justin Beiber have a sit-down on The Ellen Show. With his new album "Purpose" dropping this week, it was no surprise that Ellen asked Justin if there were songs on the new album inspired by his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. With some hesitation and a bit of prying from Ellen, Beiber admitted that there were a few songs that reflected some of his feelings about his pop-star ex – 3 of the songs being "What Do You Mean", "'Sorry' a little bit" and "Mark My Words".

Since Beiber is going to be on Ellen's show all this week, let's hope he performs one of the mentioned songs so the fans can get a glimpse of his true feelings for Selena.