Inspiration via 50 Cent

It's safe to say that most people are not fans of rapper/actor 50 Cents social media rants. In most cases he's stating what seems like a very unpopular opinion or perpetuating a beef with another entertainer. Today, however, 50 drops some well needed motivation. 


50 Cent takes to Instagram with a throwback photo of himself including a caption that reads "I ran threw all the money I made hustling before my music took off. You have to love music to get a shot, and She may not love you back."

BOOM!! And there you have it. What is it that you are so passionate about that you will spend your last to pursue it despite the struggles. Way too often we as practical humans play it safe. We make our gifts and passions a form of a hobby while we diligently work a job we care nothing about in order to make ends meet and keep up with everyone around us. 50 Cent is helping us realize that if you love it, you have to be willing to risk it all to make the dream come true, even when the dream isn't loving you back at the moment.