Sugar and Spyked Event

Tonight was the first “I can see my breath” cold day in the City of Angels.  A blustery, bone-chilling 55 degrees—listen, if you’re reading this from a different town, I know; it sounds insane.  But where other Angelenos languish a bit in the mildly frosty temps, I, being from Western Pennsylvania, thrive in this stuff.  It means football, blankets, hot drinks and curling up with a good book or getting some words down.  It was the latter activity I was involved in earlier tonight—without plans, banging out words for a screenplay, and nestled—then I got a last second notice from the boss, asking I attend an event (my first event in this position):

“What event?” I prod.

“A tasting,” Gary responds.

“Keep going...”

“Well, they’re alcohol-infused desser— “

“—Stop. Say no more.” 


‘Tis the season for booze-infused desserts I always say.  The weather demands it.  Sign me up.

Amidst the unsubtle glamour of the noveau Sunset Strip, the IAmGaryThomas team walked into a venue that was a bit different.  Good different.  The Grafton was charming, elegant, and warmly welcoming.  Hors d’oeuvres by a fireplace, a classy bar and good conversation were my first impressions walking in—always a fine start.  After some brief introductions, we were beckoned to the tasting area.  I saw a chocolate fountain to my left, huge skewers, and several large bowls of different colored, fluffy sugar-laden deliciousness I couldn’t quite place on sight.   Marshmallows.  

My only real experience with them have been the little ones in freeze-dried cocoa packets or sandwiched in between chocolate and grahams.  The attractive, white-aproned, mallow maître-d’s of Sugar and Spyked informed us that these would be quite different.   We were then, handed one little plastic diamond each, so as to vote on our favorite custom mallow.  All were fantastic.   Here is just some of the wild flavors creator Tamara Anderson had to offer:

·      Mudslide

·      Berry Tequila with Pochteca Blackberry (Gary’s diamond)

·      Cosmopolitan

·      Coconut Vodka with Coconut Water

·      Moscow Mule

·      Strawberry Rum (Mine/Ashley’s diamond)

These are marshmallows, people.  They were sinful.  But Tamara’s business doesn’t stop there, though they are reputably her signature.  She concocts cakes, bars, frozen treats and other boozy, confectionary wet dreams over at Sugar and Spyked.  She is a woman who is clearly in love with her job, bringing a truly remarkable experience to her clients.  It shows.  You’d assume Tamara has a Masters in Marketing, but she just knows how to present an experience; a warm welcome, a “taste what can be done” attitude and—oh, did I mention there was a strong masseur on-hand offering, well, basically bliss?  (Thank you, Antone!)  Overall, a very strong start to Autumn in LA!

For more information on Tamara’s offerings and event bookings visit, and check them out on IG @sugarandspyked to feast your eyes. 

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