Oprah Defends the Kardashians

To much surprise, in an interview with KISS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show, Oprah Winfrey came to the defense of the Kardashian Clan! Her position in the interview was in response to Rebel Wilson calling the Kardashians "talentless".

In the interview Oprah is quoted saying, "I went there to film them as a family, and I couldn't believe how hard they work." Winfrey also goes on to say, "People don't understand. People think that if a television camera is following you then that's just easy. But to really create a reality series that looks like something is actually happening, it means you have to be on all the time."

In closing Oprah also lets the listeners know that after she finished filming the entire day with the Kardashians, the "talentless" family continued filming for 7 more hours!