Whoopi versus "The View" Executives

Looks like Whoopi Goldberg's true feelings have reared their ugly head. Apparently "The View" host feels like she is a slave to her master, ABC network. 

Sources are saying that Goldberg had some very choice words to say when she found out the show's Hot Topic meeting was moved from 9am to 8:30 am, which is 30 minutes earlier than her contract has her set to arrive. It is said that Whoopi stormed up and down the halls saying "I's a work for ABC who is my master. I's a slave to ABC. It's 12 Years a Whoopi at ABC." 

Most are saying this outburst stems from Whoopi's disdain for the show's new consulting producer, Candi Carter. Apparently the two have exchanged words before, and Whoopi and her co-hosts feel Candi is controlling. 

When it's all said and done, Whoopi Goldberg has made it very clear that if the show executives do not like her style, they are more than able to pay her the rest of her money and release her to be on her way!