Yes. Trump really is that bad.

Remember this?

Is Donald Trump really that bad?

Yeah... I pretty much answered my own question.

Donald Trump REALLY is THAT bad.

Let me start from the beginning...

I initially wrote a post about recognizing Trump for his candor and honest racism / prejudices. I thought it was refreshing, and in a way it still is. No other candidate has been so expressive and unapologetic with their positioning on race relations in America, immigration or foreign affairs. What was once tacky, yet appealing, to me is now (still tacky) disturbing.

Trump tweeted the most upsetting "facts" this past weekend about the murder rates of blacks. You can imagine my frustration - and of course, I sent him a very furious tweet in response.

"Black on black crime does not exist!"

And it doesn't, but one very lone / trolling (Trump supporter?) didn't get what I was trying to convey.

"So, are you saying that blacks killing other blacks isn't a crime?"

I immediately saw which part of my tweet didn't resonate with him. My frustrations of what Trump was trying to embed in his followers got the best of me, and I didn't eloquently make my point.

My Twitter opponent was just in questioning my position. To be frank, I'd expect most older white Americans to believe the hype of blacks being abrasive, animalistic killers out for blood - they're brain washed to believe so. For years white politicians have tried to make a case of devaluing black lives - after all, how can they respect black lives if we don't respect ourselves? Right?


Trump's facts are not factual. His numbers were completely fabricated. Studies show that neighbors are more likely to commit crimes against each other because they're neighbors. So if a black criminal lives in a predominantly black neighborhood, they're more likely to commit a crime against their black neighbor - as will a white criminal living amongst other whites, Latinos amongst other Latinos, and Asians amongst other Asians.

To make the case that Black on Black crime is, indeed, a thing, you'd also have to acknowledge that White on White crime exists as well, right?


But no one wants to talk about finding it hard to respect a white life when a white brethren kills another.

But I don’t know what I’m talking about though…

Is Donald Trump really that bad?

Wake up! Election season is upon us!

You read the title of this blog and said to yourself “Ash is trippin’.” – I know, I know, but hear me out.

I’m in no way endorsing the ignorance of Donald Trump, in fact, unless you follow me on twitter you’ll probably never know my candidate of choice. It’s my job to give you the facts and to help stimulate your mind, and I plan to do just that.

Now back to Mr. Trump. You may disagree with his stances and prejudice ways, but you can’t deny that his candor is refreshing – at least I can’t. Trump is the furthest thing from being politically correct and I’m here for every bit of it. Not only is it entertaining to see him spill the tea on all things discriminatory, it’s even more entertaining to watch his party and fellow running-mates squirm in their britches. He’s honest and an unapologetic racist, and is a threat to every closeted racist in office. I wish more candidates would be as authentic as Trump has been. He gives it to you straight with no chaser. You know exactly where he stands and exactly whom he doesn’t see it for.

Let’s just put it like this – would you rather find out hundreds of years down the line that your elected official is a member of the Klan and has a heavy hand in the astronomical incarceration rate of young men of color, or would you rather have known what you were getting yourself into upfront?

I’ve got Trump all figured out: He thinks all Muslims are terrorists, Black Lives Matter is a gang that needs policing, and even though he pays plenty of Mexicans under the table for the constructions of his billion dollar buildings, he won’t hesitate to toss them back over the border if they so much as breathe too loudly.

Donald Trump is a racist and proud of it. At least he has enough decency to say it to our faces, instead of pissing on us and insisting that it’s rain.