What's wrong with you?

I’ve seen the video. I’ve read the news. I’ve listened to Raven-Symone continue to make an ass of herself…

Bottom line: a child was thrown out of her desk by a male officer, who decided to flex his muscle instead of grabbing his balls, and using his badge to gain compliance. She was a child and should’ve been handled as such – not as a criminal. The child refused to get up from her desk after being asked by the teacher to refrain from disturbing the class. The officer used extreme force to remove her from the desk because he didn’t have enough manpower to get her to comply otherwise. The person with the real issue is the officer – not the child.

What’s even more disturbing are the numerous outcries from previous students affected by the officer’s history of abuse. He’s notorious for his violence against students. Why was he allowed to work with children if he couldn’t discipline without using violence? That should be the topic discussed on national news – not the child’s distressed past and post-partum issues… Because, again, this issue is not with the child, but rather with the officer.

Children will act as children do. We need educators, officers, and adults in place that have the patience to reach them where they are.

The officer’s life was not threatened. The child was not violent towards any of her classmates or the teacher. The child was being a disturbance to the learning environment – not holding anyone hostage. Her actions didn’t warrant such extreme treatment, and something is seriously wrong with you if you believe otherwise.

If you can’t compose yourself and walk confidently in your leadership, treating those you serve with professionalism, you shouldn’t have taken the job. If you don’t have the patience to work with unruly children, you shouldn’t be working with children. It’s that simple – no rocket scientist needed.